100 Hr TEFL Certificate

100 hour esl

The Best TEFL Certification Deal in Costa Rica and the World!

Why pay $1700 or more Plus Room and Board for your Certification?  Come to our non-profit school in Costa Rica, get Certified, get Experience, get Room and Board and all for around $983! 

Get Certified to Teach English Worldwide while living in a tropical Paradise and changing the lives of the Costa Rican people. We offer an internationally recognized online TEFL/TESOL Certification, Your Own Personal Tutor. Global Job Placement Network, And the Best E-Learning Platform in TEFL! Start anytime. Study at your own pace then practice on students in our Community English Class in Golfito, Costa Rica.

Unlike other courses which charge more than twice as much and then you have to find your own accommodations, our non-profit school allows you to stay in our dorm, get your meals included (or use our kitchen to cook your food), and with our fast Wifi you can take your World Class Course work online. Each day, you will join other Student Teachers working at different levels in our Community English Classes where you will get loads of experience to really buff out your teaching resume and constructive critique from your peers to hone your teaching skills. The 100 hour course is the minimum number of hours necessary to be able to find work world-wide. Once you get certified you can work in Costa Rica, head off into the world with free job assistance or maybe even stay in Golfito and work for us at Peace trail international.

You don’t need a Classroom and Live professors to get TEFL certified. It’s not rocket science.  What you need is real-world practice, the rest is academic! Let’s face it. This is the Age of Online learning. All the colleges and universities are doing it, so why aren’t you? Save money, change lives, get job placement and move onto you new and exxcitingTEFL job, we will show you how!

More about me and why I started this school….

I got my TEFL Certification in 1993. I had to move to San Francisco from Sacramento for a costly, intensive month to take the class and that included having to find accommodations and commuting to class on the subway every day. I had to take time off work and commute back home weekends. But when you think about it my whole class could have been done online if the internet had been existence, but it wasn’t, I hadn’t even heard about the internet!

The best thing about the TEFL class I took was the students that I had to teach. Practical experience teaching people from other countries is invaluable. San Francisco has immigrants from around the world and classes were vibrant and exciting. I was hooked! Loved it. I am glad I took the class and I think the money and time spent was worth the cost, but I would not do that way again. Online education means I spend less and I can study with a Latte in my hand and in my bathing trunks on the patio. Yep, I would go online and take a class from the best of the best and then go get practice, and then get my job anywhere in the world.

Non-profit School and Community Service= Affordable TEFL Certification & Great Experience!
As innovators in Social Tourism, Peace Trail International has keyed in on the need for Locals to know English as one of the areas that can greatly improve the lives of the citizens. Costa Rica attracted a record-breaking 2.66 million tourists from around the world in 2015 and English is absolutely necessary to achieve prosperity in this industry. Our free or low cost  English course gets them on their way to language competency and poised for economic success.

I am happy to say I have not seen anything like we are offering at our School and Hostel.
Located in Golfito, Costa rica, in the Southern Zone and close to the wildest Rainforests in the world our school and dorm is super minimalist -off -the -charts cool. We have clean bunks and a nice kitchen located in a converted fishing shanty and warehouse situated right on the waters of the Golfito fishing port, the gateway to Golfo Dulce and the Pacific Ocean. The town is reminiscent of Hemingway’s Key West. The Rainforests around Golfito are some of the most visited in Costa Rica and the world, teaming with wildlife; sloths, jaguars, giant red parrots, monkeys all in verdant green forests and waterfalls all just a short walk from our school and hostel.  Side tours available to outback locations and Eco-communities forming as well as other volunteer opportunities.

Community Service

Presently we are setting up a cool coffeehouse vibe on our waterside patio in view of the fishing boats. The goal is to let the local English students have causal up close and personal time with our EFL instructors and other travelers staying in our Hostel. This kind of experience sets you up nicely as Private Instructor while our on-site school offers the classroom instruction format. We also have opportunities to teach in the local schools from kindergarten up to College level medicine and science.


Once you are TEFL Certified you will find that Costa Rica is wide open to get a job along with many other countries in the world looking for instructors or we might hire you ourselves at Peace Trail if there is an opening. Our Online partners are connected World-Wide to get you the job you want too. Go ahead and do your research, find out for yourselves. Awesome place, great price, opportunities to serve, and excellent education is what you will find here at the Peace Trail International TEFL Certificate course. Write me personally with your questions.
See you in Golfito!
Steven Behncke, Director Peace Trail International

About Golfito

Golfito is a Historic, Old Banana town that is still off the Gringo trail. It’s one of the last non-commercial ports in Costa Rica and there is a real small town charm.  The Government has just put a whole lot of money into a marina to help the local economy and the result is an amazing place that is just waiting to be discovered, first by you and then the world.

There’s lots to do in Golfito; Hiking, Fishing, the Beach, Surfing, Canopy tours, Local night life. Take one of our tours or go out and explore on your own using one of our maps.

How to Book the 100 HOUR TEFL CERTIFICATE Course with
Community Teaching practice in Golfito, Costa Rica

Step 1: Book you Bed and Student Teacher position at our community school by choosing any 30 day period you wish using the calendar on the right side of the page. No deposit necessary. We will verify your reservation via email.
The cost for 30 days accommodations at our non-profit school including 2 meals daily and teacher practice is only $583!
Step 2: Go to this link  http://www.teflonline.com/logosacademy/ to sign up and pay for your online TEFL certificate online course. The regular price is $560 but there are specials and as of this writing the 100hr course is only $392!
Go ahead and look the site over and see just how amazing our program is, there is really nothing close to our courses being offered. Taking this online class is about as close to being in a classroom as you can get. There are teachers, tutors, videos, lessons plans..the whole 9 yards. All this is at you finger tips, a WIFI connection away and on-tap, 24-7 whenever you want to study. You can study on our water-side patio, or you can go to any of a dozen places in town from restaurants to taverns and log on to your course. Then it’s right into the class room at one of our community ESL class locations for teacher practice and to try out your skills and knowledge.
Changes and Cancelations

If for any reason your plans change and you can’t make it to Costa Rica we can reschedule, or refund, that’s ok, we just need a week’s notice. The online class is non-fundable but it’s portable and ready when you are, just do the work and get certified, you can come to Costa Rica later. But don’t miss out, you need the experience, and taking your online training and going right into the classroom is the way-to-go, trust me.
When you do come Costa Rica there will be student teachers ahead and behind you on any given month at our school making for rich peer-group feedback as you both receive instruction from instructors and advanced student teachers while you are mentoring and critiquing others who show up and start after you. .