Green Tea Farm Community

lllano Brenes

Community forming to grow Green tea in the green highlands outside of San Jose and overlooking the Pacific ocean. This project is sponsored, in part, by Our farm will be located in Llano Brenes, a coffee town at higher altitudes with perfect year round weather, waterfalls, historical gold mines and crystals literally floating out of the ground.

Steven Behncke, the Director of Logos Academy, Inc, is the co- founder of and has been growing Green tea, with his wife Connie since 2000. Steve has toured China buying various cultivars of Green tea to grow in his nursery in Florida where they ship plants all over the USA. Steve is the first of many Green Tea farms he hopes to establish with his non-profit. The hills of Llano Brenes offer the perfect climate for Green Tea. In addition, the financially strapped Coffee growers, victims of the unbalance of the World Wide Coffee Market, provide the perfect group of experienced farmers begging for an alternative crop. Llano Brenes is just a short ride to the town of Atenas which is a Noman Rockwell style village that goes way back in Tico culture, a great place to live and enjoy old school Costa Rica and only minutes from the beach.
Each Share will include a simple cabin, access to the ponds, gardens, off the grid power, a private zipline, and dividends from sales of plants and sales of Costa Rica’s First Local Green Tea.

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