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04 Sep ESL in the Age of Internet

 Getting TESOL Certified in the Age of the Internet.

Does anyone actually go through the inconvenience of literally  going to school anymore?  Its not necessary nor is it really practical so why do it?  Yes, you need hands on experience in Medicine or Teaching , but the actual “book learning and lectures”? they are totally available to anyone with an Internet connection and to  me, its the only way to go.

I got my TESOL Certification in 1993.  I had to move to  San Francisco from Sacramento for an intensive month to take the class and that included having to  find accommodations and commuting to class on the subway every day.  I had to take time off work and commute back home weekends. But when you think about it, all of that could have been done online if the internet had been existence, but it wasn’t, I hadn’t even heard about the internet.
The best thing about the TESOL class I took was the students . Practical experience teaching people from other countries is invaluable.  San Francisco has immigrants from around the world and classes were vibrant and exciting. I was hooked! Love it.  I am glad I took the class and I think the money and time spent was worth the cost, but I would not do that way again. Online education means I spend less and lets me study with a Latte in my hand and in my bathing trunks on the patio. Yep, I  would go online and take a class from the best of the best and then go practice as a teacher anywhere in the world.

Non-profit School and Community Service= Affordable TESOL Certification & Great Experience!

As innovators in Social Tourism, Peace Trail International has keyed in on the need for Locals to know English. Costa Rica, attracted a record-breaking 2.66 million tourists from around the world in 2015 and English is absolutely necessary to achieve prosperity in this industry.  Our free basic English course gets them on their way to language competency and poised for economic success.
I am happy to say I have not seen anything of the likes of what we are offering at our School and Hostel located in Golfito, Costa rica.  It is super minimalist and off the charts cool. We have clean bunks and a nice kitchen located in a converted warehouse on the waters of the Golfito fishing port, the gateway to Golfo Dulce and the  Atlantic Ocean.  The town is reminiscent of Hemingway’s Key West. The rainforests around Golfito are some of the most visited in Costa rica and the world, teaming with wildlife; sloths, jaguars, giant red parrots, monkeys all in verdant green forests and waterfalls. Side tours available to outback locations and Eco-communities forming as well as other volunteer opportunities.

Presently we are setting up a cool coffeehouse vibe on our waterside patio in view of the fishing boats.  The goal is to let the local English students have causal up close and personal time with our ESL instructors and other travelers staying in our Hostel.   This kind of experience sets you up nicely as Private Instructor while our on-site school offers the classroom instruction format. We also have opportunities to teach in the local schools from kindergarten to  the College level medicine.


Once you are Certified you will find that Costa Rica is wide open to get a job along with many other countries in the world crying for instructors or we might hire you ourselves at Peace Trail if there is an opening.  Go ahead and do your research, find out for yourselves. Awesome place, great price, opportunities to serve, and excellent education is what you will find here at the Peace Trail International TESOL Certificate course. Click here to book your class or to learn more start any day any time work side by side with other Student Teachers at all levels in their course work.

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