Change a life in Paradise; deaf sponsorship tour. The Doughnut Cart


The Need

75% of the Deaf in Costa Rica have no meaningful employment. Peace Trail International is on a mission to solve this problem by offering training in Tourism and Small business to the Deaf. Our pilot project is to set up Deaf People in the Doughnut business using an Automatic Doughnut maker mounted on a bike cart. Our port town of Golfito, with the vibrant Marina community is the perfect school setting for training our Doughnut makers make and sell doughnuts with the proceeds benefiting our programs.

Did you know? Lesco (Costa Rican Sign Language) is about 70% ASL? What an amazing opportunity for a cross cultural experience!
This tour is interpreted in ASL, Spanish, English, and Lesco.

Your tour of Costa Rica is a both Mission and Adventure

The Mission

The donation you make for this tour will sponsor a deaf person to become a business person selling doughnuts. You will learn how to operate a doughnut machine right along side the deaf trainee. Who knows, maybe you will find a place back home to start your own doughnut business. After making the donuts you will assist the new trainee to make and sell doughnuts on the street in front of our hostel and training center. You have just now changed a life..well done! Peace trail international will take it from here to make sure the new Doughnut maker is also a good business person who can keep his books and run his business successfully. Sn ethicallly. They will also be readied to teach other deaf people when the time comes to run businesses of their.

Your Adventures
Here is some of what you will be doing.

Dominical Beach; An incredible beach on the rocky Pacific ocean, Waterfall hike and swimming, street vendors and cool stuff to buy. Surfing anyone ? Rent a board and try your luck at a world-famous surf destination. Also: local nightlife and party right on the beach.

Boat ride through Mangroves to Blue Beach; Collect Coconuts for drinking, learn how to dig for Pianguas at the roots of Mangroves; a local seafood delicacy, collect shells and drift wood on an endless deserted beach. Eat lunch under the shade of a Palm tree and meet some local fishermen, then.. take a lazy boat ride around the quaint port of Golfito while drinking cold beverages.

Rainforests hike to gorgeous water falls. Look for Giant Scarlet Macaw parrots, 3 kinds of monkeys including the Howler monkey, Jaguar, Tamandua, Tapir, some giant trees and myriads of flowers, and the Blue Morph butterfly, and more. Refresh yourself at a local tavern while you sit by the pool, drink local beverages and and watch local life.

Line fishing with Locals. From Golfito to the Golfo Dulce, we are famous for fishing and our local team members will take you to the catch. Everything you need is on the boat; fishing tackle, bait, cold drinks and lunch. Go ashore too for a nice walk in the jungle. (Crazy about fishing? Ask about our 2 day add-on fishing excurision to Mata Palo on our 30 ft boat, Food, Fishing, Camping, all included,for only $59pp)

Canopy Tour; Zip line tour through the Rainforests, overlooking Golfito and the Golfo Dulce. Exhilarating, breath-taking experience!

Graduation party at the beach; we all eat and drink on a beach overlooking the bay of Golfito. Swim and play all day as you give your blessings to the new Deaf business owner.

Includes all in country transportation, 3 meals daily, lodging ( Hostel accommodations at the beach and at our school i(f you prefer to upgrade to a suite or to a private room please let us know and we will make arrangements. Add $140 person)

How to Book

Choose your dates from the Calendar to the right. Tour dates are, May 16-22, June 13-19, September 19-25, October 10-16. Make your reservation, pay us nothing right now. We will bill you a small deposit later to reserve your spot. We will also send you an exact itinerary along with some photos of the places we will go and a list of travel items to bring along with other travel information.
Booking a flight: we will also notifying you when to book your flight. Best prices are about 21 days from departure. We will send you a list of airline recommendations.


Why we created this tour”by Steven Behncke, Director of Peace Trail International.
I am a hearing man the father of 8 children, one son who is deaf. During my deaf sons’ life we have lived in the USA, Mexico and Costa Rica. Even though my son is a strong, loving, intuitive man, he has really struggled with getting connected with the skills needed to succeed in life. Not just job skills but also living skills, skills of comprehension and how to discover the world around him, how to find his people how to expand his world. We saw how other countries have a deaf population with similar issues but with even less resources to draw from. As the founder of Peace Trail International and of Logos Academy inc, my premise is finding solutions to difficult problems through the power of synergy/community and creative thinking. My hope is that you no only catch the vision of our projects but of Peace Trail International itself and join hands with us in community and make us an extension of your good will and intention to change the world for the better.
Thank you and blessings on your journey- Steven Behncke