Worm Composting. Golfito, Costa Rica



1 nights lodging in our dorm, Breakfast , Lunch and equipment to make it happen

The Composting Red worm is the solution to a big pollution problem world-wide. What to do with Kitchen garbage in any town in Costa Rica is the same problem as anywhere in the world. It represents a big portion of the carbon foot print of society. But with use of Red worms we can take that kitchen garbage and convert it to Worm castings which is an amazing Super soil and a liquid tea fertilizer made from the same. This perfect fertilizer will be offered for sale in the community to support our non profit goals as well as used on our farm community. Come help us make it happen one bucket of garbage at a time. Knock on doors to hand out fliers inviting people to join our regular pick up and then feed your worms with the goodies you gather yourself. Lets change the world one bucket of garbage at a time!

$29 per Person